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Homeless Man Breaks Into Home, Enjoys Luxuries

A homeless man breaks into a home in Virginia, owners are on a vacation, he is caught smoking on a bed, whilst the bath is running

Samuel Ciopasiu
Samuel Ciopasiu, York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office

A homeless man, Samuel Ciopasiu, 38-years-old was caught lounging in a home in Kiln Creek neighborhood of Yorktown, Virginia, during the new years celebration whilst the homeowners were on a vacation.

On Saturday, December 31st, homeless Samuel was wondering the neighborhood, he was walking along Barrington Lane when hee spotted a package outside a home. he opened the package discovering smoked salmon inside, he ate a bit of the cured fish before checking to see if there was anyone at home.

discovering the house was empty he managed to break into the home. He went upstairs and wore the homeowner's clean clothes whilst he put his old clothes in the laundry. Soon after he started running the jacuzzi. He laid in all the beds until he found the most comfortable bed in the master bedroom. he laid on the bed and began to smoke a cigarette.

William Phillips, owner of the home who no longer lives at the house was checking for packages while his wife was on a vacation. He was suspicious when he saw an open package and the remains of eaten smoked salmon. He entered the home and smelt a heavy smoke smell, he walked upstairs and spotted a man lying on the bed smoking through the crack of the door. 

Samuel noticed he was caught and ran out of the house and made it out of the house but was eventually tackled to the ground by William. 

Samuel Ciopasiu was arrested and charged with breaking and entering and grand larceny.

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