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Men Roast Potatoes On Eternal Flame A Ww2 Memorial

Kyrgyz police are looking for two men spotted cooking potatoes and eggs on the eternal flame a ww2 memorial

The Eternal Flame
The Eternal Flame, stos2408/Youtube

Authorities are looking for two men who were filmed cooking potatoes and eggs on top of the eternal flame, a monument memorializing the dead of World War Two. The eternal flame is located on Victory Square in the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.

Bishkek mayor's office released a statement pleading the public for help in finding "the vandals" who desecrated the eternal flame by cooking on top of it. 

The video was uploaded to Youtube by user stos2408, on November 29th.

Early Investigations by the Kyrgyz Police suggest that the men accused may work at a parking lot near Victoria Square. 

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