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Man Steals Patrol Car, Arrested After Reporting It Stolen

23-year-old Floridian Michael Planes stole a Jacksonville Patrol car, he was caught after claiming to be a witness in the theft

Michael Anthony Planes
Michael Anthony Planes, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

On Tuesday night, 4th December, a police officer,  J.R. Livingwood, parked his patrol vehicle outside of King food Discount, located on North Main street, Jacksonville, Florida.

Livingwood had been inside the store for 20 minutes he had discovered that his patrol vehicle was missing. Soon after the police received a call from Michael Anthony Planes who claimed to be a witness of the theft, he said he saw the vehicle being taken whilst he was in his apartment building.

40 minutes after the theft the police managed to locate the stolen Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Chevrolet Impala on 11000 block of Palm Lake Drive, 0.4 miles away from the crime scene.

The police searched the stolen car and found that equipment was missing from the vehicle but found a new set of house keys laying in the vehicle.

The items which were stolen from the vehicle included: issued rifle, loaded magazines, handcuffs, a police jacket, an issued tourniquet, a flashlight, an issued pens and a marker, a 32-ounce Yeti cup, and a Homeland Security police patch.

The police officers went up to Michael Planes apartment and discovered the house keys worked the dead bolt lock on the witnesses door. The police officers requested Michael's girlfriend in allowing them to search the apartment,she obliged, the officers found all of the missing equipment from the police cruiser inside Michael's home.

Michael Anthony Planes was arrested on the charges of grand theft from law enforcement and theft of a motor vehicle, he is currently being held on a $35,006 bond. 

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