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Man Caught Peeping Up Woman’s Skirt At Walmart

A 62-year-old Floridian man, Alan Ralph, was caught looking up multiple women's skirts whilst shopping in Walmart

Alan E. Ralph
Alan E. Ralph, Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

On Monday 5th December, a 62-year-old Florida resident was arrested for voyeurism after being caught on surveillance camera crouching over and looking underneath women's skirts.

62-year-old Alan E. Ralph, a New Jersey resident, and a married man, was reported by a victim who had caught Ralph looking under her dress in 4381 Cattlemen Road Walmart store in Sarasota, Florida, on October 3rd. It was reported that whilst the victim was shopping Ralph knelt down beside her and looked up her dress.

The victim did not report the first encounter to the police. She went to Walmart a second time on 29th October when she encountered Ralph a second time. She was again violated by Ralph's alledged a perverted antics. This time she reported the incident to the police. 

The Sarasota County detectives investigated the incident and discovered from surveillance video, Ralph was a habitual offender and was spotted looking up the skirts of numerous women while walking around the store. 

Ralph was identified by with the aid of Walmart as his identity was discovered by the J.P. Morgan Chase card he used to make purchases store.

Alan E. Ralph was arrested and charged with three counts of voyeurism, he is currently being held in  Sarasota County Jail without bond

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