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Teen Refused Pork Chop, Sets Fire To Bathroom

A 19-year-old was refused an extra pork chop at a girls home, she sets alight the bathroom in rampage

Miracle Wilford
Miracle Wilford, Youngstown Police Department

On the 4th of December, Sunday dinner was ruined after an argument over an extra serving of pork chops at Artis’ Tender Loving Care a residential treatment center catering for teenage girls, located in Youngstown, Ohio.

19-year-old Miracle Wilford was having Sunday dinner at the girls home she was staying in. After finishing hr first serving she requested a second serving of pork chops, she was denied another pork chop as staff stated, she already ate two when another girl only had one.

Miracle began a rampage throughout the house after her rejection of pork chops. Her destruction included the flipping of tables, knocking over of a Christmas tree, broken light bulbs and damaged property.

The police had to be called to the scene when the officers arrived they discovered Miracle locked up in the bathroom refusing to leave the room. She was requested to leave the bathroom, she stated she wanted to be left alone and she felt she was unfairly treated compared to the other girls at the residential treatment center. 

Whlst interviewing other witnesses smoke began billowing out of the bathroom , the police managed to get into the bathroom, a shower curtain had been set alight. Miracle claimed to have started the fire with a box of matches she had.

Miracle Wilford was arrested and faces a felony charge of arson.

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