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Fraternities Suspended Due To Claims Of Goat Abuse

Four Radford University fraternities have been suspended due to allegations of mistreatment of a goat

Radford University Goat abuse
Radford University Goat Abuse, Google Street View

On Sunday 4th December, Radford University, located in Radford, Virginia,  suspended four fraternities after University officials received reports of students abused a juvenile goat off campus. 

The University have made it clear that they are taking allegations of mistreatment towards the farm animal very seriously and have begun investigation of the alleged abuse by one or more students involved with the help of the Radford University Police Department (RUPD).

On Monday through the investigation four fraternities were suspended; Delta Chi, Sigma Pi, Lamda Phi and Alpha Sigma Phi.

The suspension states the fraternities “…may not hold any events, this includes but is not limited to meetings, social events (on or off campus), and any event that a reasonable person would consider…” 

The fraternities will remain suspended until the suspected abuser is found.

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