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Thieves Steal Dump Truck And Atm

Thieves use a stolen dump truck to rip out an ATM

Dump truck ATM robbery
ATM Robbery using a dump truck, Screen Capture

Last Tuesday, 29th November, a dump truck was stolen from a nearby residential construction site and was used in a robbery of an ATM outside a grocery store, located in Covington Township, Pennsylvania.

The Dump Truck was suspected to have been stolen from Thornhurst Country Club Estates earlier in the day. Two men wearing ski masks and gloves drove the dump truck to Bill's ShopRite.

At approximately 1:53 am the robbers pulled up to the grocery outlet and attached a chain around the ATM outside the shop. The other end of the chain was attached to the stolen dump truck, which was driven forward and the ATM machine was ripped off the ground. As the ATM was hauled off it smashed through the grocery store's glass window.

The ATM was found during the police investigation at a nearby road, whilst the dump truck is still to be located.

Th police are currently still looking for the robbery suspects.

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