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Top 5 Weird News Stories Of November 2016

A countdown of the weirdest news stories we reported throughout the month of November 2016

5 - Man Throws Glass Eye At Doctor

A Floridian man has been arrested after throwing his glass eye at a doctor. Click Here To Read

4 - Teen Steals Back Jeep He Sold

A teenager didn't like the deal he made a month after he had made it. He decides he wants his old vehicle back so plans a robbery with his two friends. Click Here To Read

3 - Man Accused Of Terrorizing Residents With Air Horn

A man for several weeks is accused of riding around the town, waking up his neighbors blaring an air horn which sounds the equivalent of a train horn. Eventually, residents   perform a citizen's arrest to aid in his capture. Click Here To Read

2 - Police Officer Fired After Claiming To Give Feces Sandwich To Homeless Man

A police officer boasts to his coworkers that he gave a homeless man a feces filled sandwich, his coworkers didn't see the funny side to the incident and report him to officials. Click Here To Read

1 - Man Chopped Toe Off With Bolt Cutters And Ate It

A man is spotted inside a shop cutting his toe off with bolt cutters and proceeding to eat it in front of horrified customers. Click Here To Read

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