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Man Knocks Shrimp Platter Into Pregnant Woman’s Face

A West Palm Beach man has been arrested for pushing a shrimp platter into his pregnant girlfriend's face

Maurice Davis
Maurice Davis, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

On Sunday 20th November, 26-year-old, Maurice Davis, was arrested after he pushed a platter of Shrimps on to his 6-week pregnant girlfriends face.

Maurice Davis from West Palm Beach, Florida, was staying with his girlfriend of 3 years, from Belle Glade, at South Bay motel on U.S. Highway 27. The girlfriend reported to the police that the pair were arguing over personal matters.

During the argument Maurice's girlfriend was holding a shrimp platter, Maurice knocked the shrimp platter out of her hand and it struck the left side of her face. Maurice then proceeded to push his girlfriend out of the motel room.

The police were called to the motel  and they arrested Davis. Maurice Davis was charged with battery on a pregnant woman and is being held on a $4,000 bond at the Palm Beach County Jail.

Maurice's girlfriend did not have any injuries but requested a check up from a medic as she was 6 weeks pregnant with Maurice's baby.

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