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People Donated $100,000 To Dig A Big Hole For No Reason

Cards Against Humanity put together a project to dig a giant hole in the ground, they received $100,000 in donations

Holiday Hole Cards Against Humanity
Holiday Hole, Cards Against Humanity/Youtube

Cards Against Humanity, the company who makes the card game of the same name, began a project for Black Friday, a hole dig.

The idea of the project is for people to donate money and the company would pay people to dig a hole in the ground, the more money people donated the deeper the hole would be.

Cards Against Humanity wrote on their website, "The holidays are here, and everything in America is going really well. To celebrate Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity is digging a tremendous hole in the earth. As long as the money keeps coming in, we’ll keep digging." The company dubbed the hole 'Holiday Hole'.

The dig began on the 25th, Black Friday, and lasted until Sunday 27th where the donations began to dwindle and ultimately come to a stop, the entire event was live streamed.

People donated and alarming, $100,573, with Robert from Sunnyvale being the biggest giver, donating $1,750. Other donators included Bob in baton rouge; donating $1,003, in Mount Pearl; donating; $1,002 and in St. Louis; donating $1,001.

Cards Against Humanity is the creator of the party game in which players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using typically offensive, risqué or politically incorrect words or phrases printed on playing cards.

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