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Fugitive Ambushes Officer From The Trunk

A wanted man was found by police officer as he jumped out of the trunk of his mom's car

On Monday 21st November, a regular traffic stop turns out to be an ambush for Police Officer Tom Woods of the Lewiston Police Department, located in Lewiston, Idaho, Maine.

At approximately 8:48pm on the 1300 block of 16th Avenue, Officer Tome Woods pulls over a car without a license plate. Tom Woods received information that the car without  its license plate belonged to fugitive Jesse Harrell, 22.

Jesse had numerous outstanding warrant for his arrest including failing to appear in court for cases involving malicious injury to property and driving without privileges. 

As Tom Woods pulled over the vehicle immediately, a woman jumped out of the vehicle, later identified as Jesse Harrel's mother, she begins to confront the police officer who is still sitting in his vehicle. Tom calms the mother down and she is requested to sit back in her car, she obliges.

The mother informs the officer that her son, is hiding in the trunk of the vehicle. Police Chief Chris Ankeny tells KLEW News, “The driver [mother] of the vehicle then tells our officer not to shoot; it's just a toy gun,” 

Jesse Harrell
Jesse Harrell tries to escape, Lewiston Police Department

Jesse pops out of the vehicle after he overhears his mother, with what appears to be a toy gun in his hand, officer Tome Woods wrestles Jesse to the ground and manages to subdue him single handily without requiring the use of deadly force.

After Jesse's arrest, it was discovered he had brass knuckles in his pocket. Whilst in custody of the officer, he managed to slip out of his handcuffs but failed to escape.

Jesse Harrell was struck with new charges of resisting arrest and aggravated assault. Police also arrested Harrell’s mother and charged her with obstructing justice.

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