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Domino's Testing Out Pizza Delivery By Reindeer

Domino's Pizza in Japan is testing out pizza delivery by reindeer for the Christmas holidays

Reindeer Delivery for Domino's
Reindeer Delivery for Domino's, Domino's Japan

Domino's Japan are testing a way in which they can deliver pizzas throughout the holiday season, which may seem simple enough but  due to the severe cold of winter it is becoming increasingly difficult to get the pizza's delivered. 

The Japanese wing of the pizza franchise has devised a plan to use reindeer as a convoy for their pizza's, which will aid in a fast delivery method through the snow and will also be a great marketing tool for the holiday season.

The pizza;'s will be mounted on the back of the reindeer and a GPS tracker will be attached to let the customer know where their pizza is during the time of the delivery

The reindeer aren't autonomous and will have a handler with them, due to the early stages of testing it is unsure  if the handler will be seated in a sleigh being lead by the antlered mammal .

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