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Thief Fails To Break In To Store

A man fails to break into convenience store despite throwing large rock

Failed Break in 2 debi's
Failed Break in at 2 Debi's, Steven Davis/Facebook

On Sunday, 20th November, a man conducted a break in at Convenience store 2 Debi's, located in Brockton, Massachusetts, he threw a large rock at the window but could not break the glass.

The owner of the store Steven Davis posted s recording of the security camera footage to Facebook revealing the lazily attempted break-in early Sunday morning.

The footage shows a man arriving early Sunday morning in a Gray Honda Odyssey, a man sits in the vehicle for a while before emerging out. He is spotted taking out a large rock out of the car. 

The man throws the large rock at the window, mere feet away but he fails in shattering the glass.He picks the rock back up and ahs a second attempt att a break in, the rock bounces off the glass and rolls underneath the man's Honda.

The undetermined criminal gives up and leaves the scene.

Steven Davis stated in his Facebook pos that he has the man's license plate number and has passed the footage on to the local police.

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