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Man Pees Inside The Cooler In 7-eleven

A Floridian man pees inside the walk-in cooler on top of a stack of Busch beer at a 7-Eleven

Daniel Colon
Daniel Colon, Pinellas County Jail

On Saturday 19th November, 46-year-old Daniel Colon entered a 7-Eleven located in Treasure Island, Pinella County, Florida, he could not find the store bathroom so he decided to walk into a restricted area and defiled the beer in the cooler

The incident occurred at 7:30 PM Daniel could not find the store bathroom and needed to pee. Mr. Colon decided to enter a door marked “Employees Only" he entered the room and found himself inside a walk-in cooler. Daniel began to relieve himself over 6 cases of Busch Light Beer, in total 18 cans where defiled, accumulating a loss of $96.24.

The Smoking Gun reported, as Daniel walked into the restricted area he was spotted by an employee who was working at the cashier counter. She followed Daniel and caught him in the act she told Mr. Colon to stop. Daniel quickly left the store and fled in his vehicle.

Daniel was later stopped by the Treasure Island Police, he was subsequently arrested when identified. Daniel Colon was charged with criminal mischief, burglary, and drunk driving.

Daniel has been placed in Pinellas County Jail and is being held on a $3250 bond.

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