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Man Throws Dog In Dumpster

A man is caught throwing a dog into a dumpster and then beating the animal behind apartment complex

On Tuesday, November 8, a man, Andrew Lavato, was caught on surveillance camera disciplining his dog.

The incident occurred behind the Villa Sierra apartments in Chico, California.Andrew Lavato  was spotted taking his dog out of his car and throwing him into a dumpster. The Lavato proceeded to beat the dog for 5 minutes before carrying his dog back to his car.

The footage was posted on to facebook by the landlord of the Villa Sierra apartment complex. the footage caused outrage amongst neighbors who called animal control as well as the Chico Police Department.

Dog in Dumpster
Dog being dragged, Surveillance Footage

The police arrived with a k-9 unit who investigated the dog and found no substantial evidence of the dog suffering from any injuries.

Lavato claimed that he did not beat his dog but instead he was banging on the side of the dumpster but a neighbor who witnessed the incident claimed that he was abusing his pet.

Chico Police officers say the dog owner was given a lecture about his actions, but was not charged.

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