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Woman Charged After Claiming To Be Kidnapped On Facebook

A woman has been was arrested and charged with false report to police station after a facebook post claiming to be kidnapped

Markeisha Tachelle Johnson
Markeisha Tachelle Johnson, Buncombe County Sheriff's Office

On Tuesday 15th November, 24-year-old Markeisha Tachelle Johnson was arrested and charged with false report to a police station. after claiming to have been kidnapped the day before on Facebook.

Markeish Tachelle Johnson Fake Kidnapping
Markeish Tachelle Johnson Fake Kidnapping, Facebook

The day before, on Monday, MArkeisha posted a message claiming she had been kidnapped alongside a number of images of her alleged kidnapper. Markeisha wrote on the post, "I'm 51 my full name is Markeisha Tachelle jJhnson I'm in a gray Apollo is a Texas license plate I'm in the trunk of his D car please if u see this call 911 my cell is *** *** **** my phone is dying and he has a gun please help me this is not a joke".

she received a comment from a friend asking her to call 911 she explained she did, then requested for someone to call 911, after explaining, "Call 911my phone dying on god".

Her post received over 50 likes and has been shared over 800 times.

The police got a hold of the report and discovered MArkeisha report to be false. she was arrested and charged for making a false report to a police station.

Markeisha Tachelle Johnson is being held on a $1,000 bond and awaiting her court date on the 7th December.

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