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Top 5 Weird News Of The Week, Of 11th November 2016

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 11th November 2016

5 - Man Claims To Be Vampire During Assault

A man under the influence assaults grocery store worker while claiming he is a vampire, he wraps his arms around the victim and tells her “just touch me, I can save you.”. Click Here To Read

4 - Two Men Take Taxi To Robbery, Don't Pay Driver

Two men could've avoided being caught, all they had to do was pay the taxi driver. Click Here To Read

3 - Teen Accused Of Killing Grandma In Fight Over Beer

A teenager throws a fit when his grandmother hides hit can of beer. Click Here To Read

2 - Canada's Immigration Website Crashes On Election Night

Donald Trumps recent election causes a crash on Canada's immigration website as a number of people decide if they want to emigrate from the US. Click Here To Read

1 - Police Officer Fired After Claiming To Give Feces Sandwich To Homeless Man

A police officer boasts to his coworkers that he gave a homeless man a feces filled sandwich, his coworkers didn't see the funny side to the incident and report him to officials. Click Here To Read

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