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Man Claims To Be Vampire During Assault

A crazed man claims to be a Vampire whilst he attacks a grocery store worker

Jacob May
Jacob May, Concord New Hampshire Police Department

On 8th November, early Tuesday morning, a crazed man chased and assaulted a grocery store worker whilst claiming to be a vampire, the incident occurred outside of a grocery store in Concord, New Hampshire.

Police reports reveal that the alleged vampire, 21-year-old Jacob May, approached the grocery worker outside of a grocery store as she was throwing boxes into the nearby dumpster. Jacob asked the worker if she needed help, claimed he was a vampire, then proceeded to run towards her.

CBS Boston reported the frightened worker ran inside the store screaming for help as Jacob the alleged vampire was hot on her heels. The worker told POPolice that Jacob yelled, “just touch me, I can save you.” Jacob wrapped his arms around the fleeing worker as she fell to the ground, when another grocery worker came to the fallen worker's aid, Jacob tried to fight him off.

The police were called tot he scene and managed to apprehend Jacob, he told the officer that hew was a “vampire, ghost rider, Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid, and a leader of a band.”

May was arrested and identified as the culprit in a home Invasion on Sunday the 6th of November two day prior. Police suspected that Jacob May was under the influence of drugs or alcohol for both Incidents.

Jacob May is currently being held in jail without bail.

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