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The Police's Lassoing Bumper For Car Chases

The Grappler is introduced to police chases, its purpose is to grab the back of evading criminals vehicles

A new device to aid Police during police chases maybe added to the arsenal.

It's been dubbed ‘The Grappler’, a Y-shaped bumper made from a strong nylon material which attaches to the front of a pursuing vehicle and it shoots out at evading criminals hind wheels and lassos them tightly.

The suspect's vehicle after being tethered is prevented from accelerating away and is forced to come to a slow down, this stops the criminals crashing their car or hurting other road users.The grapplers provide the police officer more control in stopping the criminals vehicles down  and will also bring down the number of crashes during police chases , as it has been noted that 40 per cent of police chases in the US end with a crash 

Police Bumper the Grappler
The Grappler, Police Bumper

The grappler is currently not being used by the police.

Inventor of the grappler, Leonard Stock from Arizona and owner of the start-up company Police Bumper has been developing and testing his lassoing device for eight years and he is hoping the police buy into the idea.

In and interview with Fox10 Leonard said, ‘The options right now are getting in front of a suspect vehicle to deploy tire spikes or using the pit maneuver or some type of smash up derby style process to stop a vehicle and the officer many times is pinned against a suspect vehicle,’.

The grappler being used may aid in weirder news stories emerging so 'Yay' for us.

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