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Walmart Bomb Hoax For Girlfriends Early Leave

A 19-year-old man has been charged with making a bomb threat to Walmart his girlfriend worked in to get her out early

Walmart in Charlottetown
Walmart in Charlottetown, Google Street View

19-year-old Logan Richard Arsenault, has been charged with making a false bomb threat towards a Walmart based in Charlottetown, Canada, in an attempt to get his girlfriend out of work early. 

On Tuesday 2nd of August 2016, Logan made an anonymous phone call to the Police stating there was a bomb inside the Walmart where his girlfriend worked. The police evacuated the building and closed the Walmart store for 6 hours while a bomb squad made sure the building was safe. The police found no bomb inside the store.

The police began an investigation to find the suspect behind the bomb hoax, they traced the phone call to a phone booth in Stratford.

The police investigation discovered Logan was outside a coffee shop in the nearby town of Stratford. Surveillance video discovered that logan went into the store to ask for change so he could make a phone cal via the pay phone outside, the staff confirmed the incident with the police.

The police arrested Logan Richard Arsenault and charged him with the bomb hoax.

 Chief Judge Nancy Orr was heard in court telling Logan is was “close to incomprehensible” someone could call in a bomb threat to get his girlfriend off work.

Arsenault was found guilty, and was struck with 60 days of jail time and three years probation, as well as being banned from going within 500 metres of Walmart in Charlottetown.  Logan has bee ordered to pay $89,100 to Walmart, this is the accumulative costs of wages paid to employees, lost sales and perishable food that had to be thrown out during the time of the bomb hoax.

Logan and his girlfriend have since broken up.

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