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Man Calls 911 To Ask How Many Legs An Octopus Has

A drunken man repeatedly calls 911 and asks a series of weird questions which lead to his arrest

John Dargan Barron
John Dargan Barron, Rock Hill Police Department

On Wednesday 2nd November, 69-year-old John Dargan Barron made a number of 911 emergency phone calls to Rock Hill Police Department, located in South Carolina, where he asked a bunch of bizarre questions .

At 11pm the 69-year-old made his first phone call to the emergency services, the police report stated that he asked the dispatcher, “how many legs an octopus had,”. The dispatcher sent police to John's home where they found him extremely intoxicated and gave him a warning.

The Herald Online reported that thirty minutes later he made a second call to 911, this time, “Barron asked the call-taker if the Russian alphabet was the same as the English alphabet,”.

The police were sent to John's home again, where they found,  Barron disrobed from the waist down. According to police reports, officers had to dress him before arresting him. He was repeating expletives at the officers whilst resisting arrest, eventually, he gave in.

Whilst exiting the police vehicle  Barron, “planted his left foot behind the passenger seat, claiming he was stuck.”

John Dargan Barron was charged with unlawful use of 911 and resisting police, he is being held in Rock Hill city jail under $4,087 bond.

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