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Robber Leaves Identification On Bakery Store Counter

A not so smart robber mistakenly leaves his identification on the counter when exiting after a robbery

Willie Frank Hall
Willie Frank Hall, Bibb County Sheriff's Office/Google Street View

At approximately 10 a.m. Tuesday 1st November, 49-year-old Willie Frank Hall robbed the Flowers Discount Bakery in Macon, Georgia but he left his wallet and identification on the counter.

Firstly, if you are conducting a robbery there is no need for you to even bring out your wallet , it completely beats the point of a robbery.

Willie entered the bakery and approached the counter he placed items near the till and he put his wallet on the counter to make the employee believe he was ready to make a purchase, big mistake.

As the cashier opened the register, Willie snatched cash out of the till and ran out of the store, leaving his wallet behind which had his Identification enclosed.

The police were contacted , the Bibb County Sheriff's Office announced they were looking for Willie.

At 1 p.m., Willie Frank Hall turned himself into the authorities and was booked into Bibb County jail. He's charged with robbery by snatching.

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