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Man Vs Panda

A Chinese man tries his hardest to impress women at a zoo but his efforts are thwarted by a wrestling panda

On Thursday 27th October an unnamed man, aged about 20, entered a Pandas enclosure to impress his female friends, it turned out that the enclosed panda had pro-wrestling skills that have been unmatched to this date.

The unnamed man was with two female companions at Nanchang Zoo, in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, China. He tried to impress his two women companions by showing off his animal petting skills.

He jumped over a 1.3 metre-high perimeter fence and leaped across a three-metre-deep ditch to access the panda's enclosure.

Inside the enclosure was 12-year-old, Mei Ling, an adult male giant panda weighing approximately 120kg.

Mei Ling appeared to be sleeping as the trespasser tried to get closer to pet him. Mei Ling took his opportunity to grab the man's leg in a surprise attack. Mei Ling used his stunning wrestling moves which took him years of secret training to master and managed to pull the man to the ground.

Mei Ling The Wrestling Panda
Mei Ling The Wrestling Panda, LiveLeak

The unnamed man desperately tried to free himself by stroking the panda's back and scrambling to push the panda off.

Mei Ling eventually eased his grip of the panicked man, the man  took the opportunity to escape the enclosure. the man left the park without informing staff of the incident but the staff caught everything on security footage.

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