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Missing Man Tells Police On Facebook Hes Not Missing

Missing man replies to an appeal on Nottinghamshire Police's Facebook page

Shane-Andrew Thompson
Shane-Andrew Thompson, Facebook

On Monday 24th October, Nottingham Police department released an official statement appealing to help find Shane-Andrew Thompson, who went missing a couple of days prior.

Finding him was of the utmost importance as Shane had a who has a tracheotomy in his throat 

The Nottingham police's appeal read:

"Officers are concerned for his safety after he was reported missing from the Radford area at around 1pm on Saturday, October 22, 2016. Shane is described as white, of a slim build, around 5ft 8ins tall with black dyed hair which is short on the sides and long on top. He was last seen wearing a black jumper, dark blue jeans and black boots. He also has a tracheotomy in his throat.

Shane was told of him being missing and hilariously replied to the post

Nottingham Police Facebook Post
Nottingham Police Facebook Post, Facebook

Shane-Andrew Thompson replied with the username, Shaneyboi Thompson:

"Im not even missin his the anser it is people phoning the police sayin ive gne missing ive already spoke to the police about it so no i aint doin nothing its called people playin games sayin im missin."

The Nottingham police have since removed their appeal and have left a message fo the man being found.

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