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Tree Arrested For Blocking Traffic

A man dressed as a tree is arrested after he attempts to block traffic whilst pretending to be a plant

Asher Woodworth
Asher Woodworth the tree man, @TVTEDDY/Twitter

On Monday 24th October in Portland, Maine, people were trying to make their way home from work but were delayed due to traffic caused by a 30-year-old prankster,  Asher Woodworth, who dressed up like a tree and blocked the street.

Asher was spotted in his tree costume crossing very slowly at the intersection of Congress and High Streets. His antic not only stopped traffic but pedestrians stopped to take pictures and record videos of his public shenanigan.

The police were eventually called to the scene and were forced to arrest Asher. He told the police that his motivation was to see how people would react to his "performance" and how he might impact "people's natural choreography."

"Peoples Natural Chreography" was definitely negatively impacted.

He was charged with obstructing a public way.

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