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Car Washer Makes Thief Clean Cars

A car washer turns the tables on thief trying to steal from a car wash

The incident occurred on Friday, 7th October, at a car wash, in an unknown location.

At approximately 9:40pm a thief walks into the car wash brandishing a knife, threatening the car washer. The car washer closes the front doors of the car wash as he walks with the thief to the back of the car wash, off cam. 

Moments later, the thief is seen running away from the car washer as he holds up a gun to the thief. The thief tries to escape through the front driveway but is unable due to the gate being so heavy.

Car wash thief
Carwash Thief, Pedro Pablo/Youtube

The car washer, hilariously demands the thief to dry clean the two vehicles as the security footage goes into fast forward mode.

After the cards are sufficiently clean the car washer frees the thief from the carwash and the thief is seen running off.

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