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Learner Driver Gives Police Officers A Ride

Police responding to an emergency a helped by a learner driver to reach their destination

Learner driver helps police
Learner driver helps police, Kington Police

A learner driver and her driving instructor aided Kingston Police, in southwest London, England, after being requested by the officers.

Approximately at 8:00pm, Thursday 13th October, Two officers spotted a man acting suspiciously in Merrett Gardens.

The police officer approached the man but the suspicious man ran from the officers. The foot chase began, the officers chased after the man for 500m but lost track of him after he had turned a corner.

They were helped by a civilian who pointed where the man was hiding. they approached the suspicious man and attempted to arrest the man but were unable to as he was struggling, the police called for backup.

Members of the Chessington Safer Neighbourhood team were contacted to aid the officers, two officers who were also on foot patrol did not have a vehicle so they decided to run the 1.2miles to aid their colleagues.

As the officers ran they flagged cars to assist them. They managed to flag a female learner driver with her driving instructor, after explaining the incident, the learner driver decided to help the officers.

The learner driver safely took the officers to their destination and they were able to arrest the suspicious man without causing injury to the fist pair of officers.

The police have requested the learner driver to come forth so they can properly thank her, "Sadly we were unable to say thank you to the members of the public that assisted us last night. However, we would like to trace them so we can say thank you properly."

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