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Car Enthusiast Parks Car In House During Hurricane

A BMW E30 Enthusiast parked his car inside his living room during Hurricane Matthew

BMW E30 at home
BMW E30 at home, @Jalilsup/Instagram

How much do you love your car? Clearly not as much as 26-year-old Randy from Florida, as he decided to move his BMW E30 indoors whilst the turbulent Hurricane Matthew struck the coastal state.

A photo posted by Randy (@jalilsup) on

The Instagram user who goes by the tag @Jalilsup posted up images of his car parked up in his living room to prevent it being damaged during the stormy weather.

A photo posted by Randy (@jalilsup) on

A photo posted by Randy (@jalilsup) on

He managed to squeeze in his vehicle through the double front doors of his home and parked it at the entrance of his home.

The car only stayed indoors for a night whilst the hurricane passed by.

A video posted by Randy (@jalilsup) on

What might seem like a bizarre idea is actually pretty great and it gets me thinking wouldn't it be great if there were homes for cars? Oh right, garages.

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