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One Legged Burglar On Wheelchair Breaks Into Home

A man with one leg doesn't let his disability get in the way of things he wants to achieve, such as breaking into homes

44-year-old Michael Flanagan, from Stockton, UK is spotted on CCTV footage breaking into his landlord's home, stealing a television set and proceeding to flood the property before making his escape.

The incident occurred last year in August 2015, the CCTV footage of Michael's crime has just been released. The house breaking is reported to be an act of revenge as the landlord allegedly owed Michael some money.

Michael, who only has one leg and requires a wheelchair for mobility, broke his landlord's window at the start of the robbery using a hammer. Michael managed to pull himself through the broken window and then his wheelchair soon after.

Mr. Flanagan searched the home to find something of value, Michael stole a television set.

Michael Flanagan
Michael Flanagan, LiveLeak 

Michael assigned himself the task of flooding his landlord's property as he disconnected a pipe at the back of a washing machine, which eventually flooded the room.

Michael Flanagan appeared at Teesside Crown Court last Friday where he was sentenced to 26 months' jail

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