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Suspect Eating Stolen Sandwich Passes Out When She Sees Police

22-year-old Raven Ashton breaks into a business to eat a sandwich, she passes out on the couch when police came to investigate

Raven Ashton
Raven Ashton, Mobile Police Department

On Friday, 30th September, hungry 22-year-old, Raven Ashton, was arrested after breaking into a business so she could eat a sandwich, she passed out on the couch when she realized police arrived at the scene.

At  5:29am Police officers were alerted via Stewart Law Firm's alarm system that there had been a possible break-in at the premises.

Officers heeded the alert and made their way to 411 St. Francis Street, the location of the law firm. Once they had arrived they saw and open window, affirming their suspicions of a robbery.

The officers made their way inside the law firm and walked towards the kitchen area, inside was Raven Ashton who was eating a sandwich. when rave noticed the police she passed out on a nearby couch.

Police officers took raven to a local hospital to treat her for any medical problems, after discovering she did not suffer from any ailment, she was transported to Mobile County Metro Jail.

Raven Ashton was charged with third-degree burglary during her arrest.

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