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Man Steals Prosthetic Leg

Joseph Leonard Ledoux is caught by Fargo Police with a stolen Prosthetic leg

Joseph Leonard Ledoux
Joseph Leonard Ledoux, Fargo Police Department

On 3rd Monday, October, Joseph Leonard Ledoux, 38-years-old, was being investigated by the Fargo Police Department, located in North Dakota, after they received a phone call stating that he stole a prosthetic leg and a computer.

The Fargo police report disclosed that at approximately 1:00am, officers arrived at the scene of the prosthetic leg robbery, they were told that the assailant was Joseph Leonard Ledoux.

The police spotted Joseph, red handed, carrying the prosthetic leg near the apartment building where they came to investigate. Joseph rode off on a bicycle as he tried to escape the police.

The police gave chase but could not locate him. The police called in the Moorhead police canine unit to sniff out Ledoux's whereabouts.

The police with the help of the dog unit found the 38-year-old hiding in the bay at the back of a pickup truck.

Joseph Leonard Ledoux was arrested for two Fargo police department warrants, a parole violation warrant, felony drug paraphernalia, felony possession of stolen property, and refusing to halt

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