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Mother Koala Helps Her Baby

A mother koala is recorded helping her son after spotting him struggling to climb over a fence

The heartwarming video shows the beautiful relationship between a mother Koala and her baby.

The koala mother and her baby were reportedly escaping from Hahndorf in Adelaide, Australia, which had recently been struck by a storm.

The baby koala is spotted struggling to climb over the fence. The little joey manages to reach the top of the fence but finds it difficult to put its little koala legs over the fence.

The baby koala is heard squeaking distress.

The mother who had climbed up a tree sees her baby in distress and climbs down for a closer look.

What happens next is remarkable.

Koala Mother and Son
Koala Mother and Son

The mother climbs up on to the fence and grips her baby by her mouth and puts the little joey on to her back.

The duo scuttle to safety fleeing fro the storm.

The video was uploaded by Hahndorf Farm Barn on Monday, 26th September on to their Facebook page. The short clip has since gone viral attracting almost 290k views and has been shared over 4000 times, at the time of publishing.

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