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Typhoon Winds Push Over Truck

Typhoon Megi has left a trail of carnage, here are some of the most bizarre standout moments

Typhoon Megi Truck
Typhoon Megi blows Over Truck, Van Hersling/Youtube

Typhoon Megi struck north-east Taiwan earlier this week and has left a trail of destruction. The powerful gusts of wind have terrorized the country, with wind speeds recorded to be as high as 150 mph (240 kmh).

Above you can see a glimpse of the destructive power of the typhoon as it blows over a 10-tonne truck. The incident happened in the southern district of Taiwan's capital city, Taipei.

Amidst the chaos, a lonely fridge is seen trying to escape the city.

Typhoon Megi knocks Over scaffolding from a tall building in Taipei

The most recent estimates have stated that over 520 people have been left injured by the typhoon and sadly four have perished in Taiwan. Almost 4 million households have lost electricity after approximately 40 inches of heavy rain fell. 8,000 people had to evacuate from their homes located in mountainous areas near the coast.

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