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Police Called Out For Man Biting Woman

Police were called to the scene for a 'man biting a woman' turns out just to be extras dressed as zombies on their way to a movie

Zombie extras
Steve Lowe and Diane Holden, @NWmwaypolice/Twitter

On Sunday 25th September, police received an emergency call detailing a 'man biting a woman' on the motorway, M62 between Manchester and Liverpool, England.

The police took the matter very seriously and tracked down the possible offenders in their vehicle. The man and woman were made to pull over by the police, as the police officers approached the vehicle they were a little startled with what they found.

The pair in the car, Steve Lowe and Diane Holden of Ashton-under-Lyne were dressed as Zombies. It turned out that the duo were extras in a movie and they were driving to their destination whilst wearing their makeup.

The extras were hired to take part in the zombie series, Dead Town, they were on their way to record the third and final episode.

North West Motorway Police tweeted, "Report of female being assaulted on M62, vehicle stopped pair of extras making to a job - posing as Zombies - takes all sorts."

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