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Shopkeeper Hides From Man With Cleaver In Shop For 6 Hours Waiting For Police

A shopkeeper called the police 7 times and waited 6 hours whilst there was a man with a meat cleaver terrorizing him and his customers

Marmary food store attack
Marmary food store and attacker, Google Street View and Surveillance footage

On Saturday, 24th September, Aeub Ali, a shop keeper and co-owner of Marmary Food store on Hessle road, Hull, England, waited for six hours inside his shop with a number of terrified customers as a man with a meat cleaver slashed at his door.

The attacker walked into the into the shop earlier on Saturday and requested to buy some beer, the shopkeeper obliged until the attacker tried to buy the beer with Euros, the Aeub Ali refused the purchase with the foreign currency.

The man went berserk after the refusal and became racially abusive towards the shopkeeper of Kurdish descent. The attacker through items off the shelf and smashed the shop's glass door with his fist.

The man left after his rampage but returned moments later wielding a meat cleaver and began slashing it at the door, whilst Aeub and customers, including children and a pregnant lady, were locked up inside the shop.Aeub managed to stop the attacker from coming into the shop by propping the door closed with a broom.

Aeub Ali told Hull Daily Mail, "If he wanted to come back in the shop and kill me, he could have done it at any time. What was I supposed to do stop him? I thought the police are meant to protect us."

Aeub Ali called the police seven times during his six-hour wait for the Humberside police to arrive.

The Humberside police partly blame the delay due to language barriers between them and the shopkeeper.

Chief Inspector Darren Webb made a statement regarding the incident and confirmed, "When the call was made to police, care was taken to confirm that the incident had concluded some time earlier and there was no existing threat to the victim".

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