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Giant Duck Terrorises The Innocent

A humongous inflatable duck was spotted in Glasgow causing a ruckus

The incident happened on Hillington Rd, in the city of Glasgow, Scotland on Friday 24th September.

A humongous duck was seen taking over the city of Glasgow, surprisingly causing minimal destruction but maximum obstruction as it was recorded rolling across roads in the city.

The large duck was noted to not to have been able to use its feet or wings for movement but instead opted to move in a rolling fashion. Duck specialists noted that the huge duck traveled in the same direction as strong gusts of wind.

Huge Duck
Huge Duck!, @chalmers_danny/Twitter

Experts have narrowed the down the possibilities to two prospects of where the duck has come from. The first being that the duck was an escapee from a plastic expansion laboratory where they are known to test on animals and the alternative hypothesis is that it was detached inflatable display from Peter Vardy's, a new and used car dealership located in Glasgow.

The duck was later captured by unknown vigilantes.

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