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Dad Ties Daughter's Hair To Trolley

A father is wanted after a recording of him dragging his daughter around a supermarket with a trolley by her hair, went viral

daughter tied to trolley
Daughter tied to trolley with Dad, Erika Burch/Facebook

Cleveland Police department are investigating the act of child cruelty after an incident which occurred on Monday, 19th September, at a Walmart located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Several members of the public contacted the police after witnessing the cruel act of a dad tieing his daughter's hair to a Walmart trolley and dragging her around the grocery chain.

Erika Burch witnessed the event and posted her side of the story on Facebook. Erika was talking with her husband, Robert, in Walmart whilst shopping for Lunchables for their children. Robert noticed the father dragging his daughter and asked Erika, "do you see what that guy is doing to that little girl?"

Erika turned around and saw the cruel act in shock and horror. The girl was heard begging to her father, "please stop, I promise I won't do it again, please stop". Erika took out her phone and took photos of the dragging.

Erika told the man to let the little girl go but the father refused and told her to mind her own business. Erika had a argument with the dad and eventually called a police officer who was already in the Walmart. The police officer refused to arrest the father as the daughter did not have any bruising and had not lost any hair, telling Erika that "in order for it to be abuse there had to be bodily injury to the child".

Erika has since posted the images and her story on Facebook and the event has gone viral.

After receiving numerous calls regarding the hair pulling incident, Cleveland Police department have issued a statement and have announced that they are conducting a joint investigation with CPS(Child Protective Services).

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