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Guest Requests Framed Pictures Of Jeff Goldblum

A hotel guest has a strange request for framed pictures of Jeff Goldblum, hotel marvelously honors guests request

Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum, Seth Freedland/Facebook

Seth Freedland, a speech writer for Nike from Portland, Oregon, made a reservation for himself and his girlfriend to stay at The Huntley hotel, located in Santa Monica, California, for their friend's wedding.

Pretty normal? Right? Err... let me elaborate. The hotel asked Seth, "if there was anything else they could do to make Seth's stay more comfortable?" He asked the hotel, "if they might be able to place a few framed photos of Jeff Goldblum in the room."

He didn't believe his request would be honored until he arrived at his hotel room and to his shock and amusement, Jeff Gold Blum was staring at them from every corner of the room.

The framed pictures of Jeff Goldblum ranged from all ages and were placed sporadically throughout the hotel room, one even in the bathroom.

Below are the images of Jeff Goldblum in all his glory.

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