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Woman In England Calls Police In America For Emergency

A hilarious recording of a woman in Barnstaple, England calling up Barnstable Police in Massachusetts

Police Car

Barnstable Police department in Massachusetts has released the recording of an emergency phone call they received from a woman, 3,110 miles(5005km) away, dialing from Barnstaple, England.

The woman mistakenly but hilariously calls up the police station in another country to report a 'hit and run' car accident which occurred on a road between the towns of Muddiford and Ilfracombe.

There is much confusion between the caller and the police officer as Barnstable Police Officer, Mark McWilliams, does not recognize the towns which the caller states.

They eventually deduce that the woman called the police station from the other side of the world. The woman shocked of the news, replies to the officer, "There's no way you can help me, is there". The officer McWilliams shares a joke with the lady and says, "Our response time is going to be about six hours,".

The pair laughs off the blunder before putting the most likely expensive phone call down. Barnstable Police department released the audio of the incident which occurred on Thursday, 15th September.

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