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Duo Make False Reports Of Evil Clowns

Brandon Jerome Moody & Rebecca Moody call 911 and claim to have spotted evil clowns lurking in the neighborhood

Brandon Jerome Moody and Rebecca Moody
Brandon Jerome Moody(right) and Rebecca Moody(left), Troup County Sheriff’s Office

Georgia-based Troup County Sheriff’s Office have disclosed having received a false report on Wednes day, September 14th, of an 'Evil Clown' waiting outside of a white van.

The police received the tip-off from Brandon Jerome Moody, 26, of an 'unknown persons dressed as clowns standing outside a white van.' The police dispatched one of their officers to the location to investigate the mysterious man in a clown outfit.

The office spoke to the white van driver, who had ran out of gas and claimed to not know or seen any clowns in the area. The officer requested to search the van and the driver was willing for him to do so, no clown outfits were found in or around the van.

The police decided to contact the witness of the clown outside the van, Jerome Moody. They spoke to Jerome about the incident, he began to change his story to him seeing the clown the day before outside of the same van, then he confessed to not seeing any clowns and admitted to making up the story.

Jerome made the story up due to schools in the area being on lockdown after several reports of clowns in a van and in wooded areas trying to talk to children.

Jerome convinced Rebecca Moody, 27, to call 911 and make similar claims of seeing clowns in the area. Rebecca was contacted later and also admitted to falsifying reports of witnessing clowns in the area.

The pair were arrested and transported to Troup County Jail. The two Moodys were charged with  obstruction and unlawful conduct during a 911 call.

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