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Woman Puts Out Cigarette In Her Boyfriends Eye

Cindy Underwood out her cigarette in her boyfriend's eye after an argument, boyfriend claims he can't see

Cindy Jean Underwood
Cindy Jean Underwood,  St. Albans Police Department

39-year-old, Cindy Jean Underwood, was arrested on Monday,12th September, after her boyfriend, Jeremy Hughes, called the police to her home in Bard Avenue, St. Albans, West Virginia.

Earlier an argument took place between Cindy and Jeremy after Jeremy arrived home late. During the argument, Cindy erupted in violence and jammed a lit cigarette in her boyfriend's eye. 

The police arrived at the scene  after receiving a destruction of property complaint. The St. Albans police called an ambulance for Jeremy after he complains that he is unable to see from his eye. Jeremy was taken to Thomas Memorial Hospital.

Cindy Jean Underwood was arrested and now faces a felony charge of malicious wounding. she was taken to South Central Regional Jail in Charleston and being held on a $10,000 bail.

Cindy's preliminary hearing is scheduled for Thursday, 22nd September.

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