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Epic 30min Standoff On Bridge

An epic duel of stubbornness occurs on top of a single lane bridge, only one driver can prevail

A video has surfaced online of two elderly drivers in a 30-minute long standoff on a bridge. Why doesn't one just move? Because both of the stubborn drivers believed they were the first to drive on top of the bridge, they refuse to give in and move for the opposing driver.

The incident happened on Thursday, 8th September on top of  Victoria Bridge in Picton, New South Wales, Australia. Daniel Valenzi of Yerrinbool recorded the epic standoff and sent it to  Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser.

Victoria Bridge in Picton
Victoria Bridge in Picton, Daniel Valenzi/Facebook

The two elderly drivers, one female and the other male, both drove on to the bridge at similar times but refused to move fro 30-minutes causing traffic to congest behind them.

One witness told Daily Telegraph, "I assumed someone had an accident or jumped off the bridge or something like that, so I hopped out of the car,".

Both of the drivers called the police in an attempt to move the opposing vehicle and driver. Both drivers ended up receiving a $253 traffic citation  for ‘unreasonably obstructing a path of a vehicle,’.

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