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Woman Arrested For Stealing 3 French Fries From Cop

A woman has been arrested by a police officer after she stole three fries from him

french fries

On Wednesday, 7th September, three french fries were stolen from a police officer's plate whilst the officer was dining in Italian Pizza Kitchen based in North West Washington, DC.

The woman who stole the fries hasn't been named.

Italian Pizza Kitchen
Italian Pizza Kitchen, Google Street View

WUSA9 reported, the unnamed woman entered the Italian restaurant and sat next to the officer at approximately, 9:45 p.m. She began a conversation with the police officer, and midway through the conversation she reached into the officer's plate, picked up a single fry, ate it.

The officer told the unnamed woman to stop but she rebelled and took another from the officer's plate.

The officer told the french fry stealing woman, that she was stealing from the officer and this could cause her to be arrested. The woman reached into the officer's plate and stole the third fry.

The officer arrested the french fry thief in the restaurant. The police report stated with accuracy that the woman stole three amounts of "French fried potato"

The unnamed woman has been charged with second-degree theft. 

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