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Old Man Throws Chair At Robber

An old man tries to stop fleeing robbers by throwing a chair at the assailants

On Monday, 5th September, dash cam footage captured the bravery of an old man as he tries to stop robbery suspects whilst they attempt to make a quick getaway from All Diamonds shop located in Elsternwick, Melbourne,  Australia. reported that the car belonged to an office worker, named Adam, who worked nearby the Jewellery store.

Police reports describe the suspects as two masked robbers one armed with an axe and the other  with a handgun. the pair entered the All Diamonds shop, threatening staff, smashed cabinets and managed to grab a quantity of jewelry before fleeing the shop. 

chair throwing expert
Old man throws chair, dash cam footage

As they exited the store they are chased by an old man suspected to be the shop owner, he follows them out whilst holding a chair. The assailants make an attempt to escape in a grey Mitsubishi Outlander station wagon driven by an accomplice. the Old man launches the chair at one of the robbers but the chair does not stop the robbers as they manage to evade arrest.

Victoria police report that no shots were fired and  one was injured during the armed robbery.

Below, are a couple of unrelated videos of old men trying to stop robbery suspects by throwing chairs at them, a trend? Maybe.

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