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Six Year Old Girl Takes On Axe Wielding Burglar

A six year old tries to protect her family during a robbery as seen in this dramatic CCTV footage

On Monday, 5th September, surveillance footage caught a group of six armed men breaking into a family run electronic store in Auckland, New Zealand, and threatening workers with a hatchet.

The video shows the dramatic moment the robbers burst through the doors of the store and pursue the workers throughout the shop, a scene of panic occurs in the store as employees try to flee in all directions.

One of the robbers wielding an ax corners in a defenseless employee as he curls up into a ball to protect himself from the attack. A moment of relief for the employee occurs as 6-year-old, Sarah Patel runs up to the armed robber pulling on his leg.

Sarah Patel
Sarah Patel helps in confusion, CCTV footage

During the robbery, Sarah was knocked to the ground, Sarah's mother Nashrin Patel told  TVNZ News, "When she stood up she holded [sic] one of the guys' legs, she was thinking it was her dad. And then he just looked at her and she got scared again." Sarah reaffirming her mom's statement says, "I thought it was my dad."

After Sarah realized the masked robber wasn't her father she fled the room and went on to help her grandfather whilst the employee in the corner was further pummeled.

Sarah’s father, Suhail Patel, expressed that he was "Proud" of his daughter's bravery as he claims she's "always trying to help people".

Five 16-year-olds were caught in relation to the robbery and are facing charges of aggravated robbery, injuring with intent, and breaching bail. A sixth member of the group is still at large.

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