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Thief Poos In The Middle Of Supermarket

A thief relieves himself in the middle of a supermarket, he steals toilet paper & soap to clean himself up after

On 14th August, CCTV footage managed to catch a man in a Supermarket in the region of Tyumen Oblast, Russia, excreting in the middle of an aisle, he stole nearby toilet paper and liquid soap to clean himself up.

Footage shows an unnamed man browsing through a supermarket, the man is wearing shorts and a backpack.

Suddenly, the footage shows the man with his pants to his knees squatting and excreting waste onto the floor of the supermarket. He manages to relieve himself in record time and cleans himself up with stolen toilet retrieved from the aisle.

Defecating Russian man in a supermarket
Defecating Russian man in a supermarket, d4v23/LiveLeak

He discards his waste by launching his poop ridden toilet paper underneath a shelf. As he pulls his shorts up, he notices poop running down his leg, he hastily uses more toilet paper to clean himself up, he continues to get rid of the evidence by throwing all the soiled toilet paper under the store's shelves.

The unnamed man reaches to a shelf holding liquid soap and steals some in a bid to clean himself from the odor.

It is reported that customers told the staff of the man's stench but the workers refused to confront the man instead they called the police.

The defecating man left the supermarket before the police could arrive, the police are currently reviewing the footage in a bid to find the man.

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