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Cruise Ship Capsizes Several Ships

Carnival Vista's departure cause large waves to destroy boats in the nearby Italian Marina

The incident happened during Carnival Vista's departure on Sunday, 28th August, from Marina del Nettuno in Messina, Sicily, Italy. 

Carnival Vista, a large cruise ship , made maneuvers which were too close to the pier it was departing from. It's massive propellers forced the water nearby to push into large waves. The destructive power of the waves caused smaller boats to capsize and sink. the cruise ships prop wash destroyed concrete from the nearby pier.

Carnival Vista
Carnival Vista's destructive power, Youtube/Screenhot

The Carnival Vista is a cruise ship used by cruise company, Carnival Cruise Line, It's maiden voyage was on May 1, 2016. The ship is 1,062 ft (324 m) long and has a maximum speed of  23 knots (43 km/h; 26 mph). It can facilitate 3,936 passengers at double occupancy and requires 1,450 crew members.

No Several ships were damaged in the incident, but fortunately, nobody was injured. The port authorities are currently investigating the incident.

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