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Man Tries To Burn Down Gas Station After Failed Cheetos Theft

A man fails in his attempt to steal a bag of Cheetos so in retaliation he tries to burn down the entire gas staion

Cheetos BP Gas Station
BP Gas Station, Google Street View

On Sunday, 28th August, Joshua Lee Crook, 33, entered BP gas station on South Grand Boulevard, St Louis, Missouri and attempted to steal a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. After being confronted by the store manager he returned and attempted to burn down the gas station.

At approximately 5pm, Joshua entered the gas station and picked up a bag of  Flamin' Hot Cheetos, the worker recognized Joshua as a thief who stole from the gas station before. He was told by the store manager that he should put the bag down if he wasn't going to make a purchase.

Joshua obliged to the store managers demand and put the spicy snack down and left the store. Joshua returned one minute later grabbed the bag and attempted to walk out of the store, the manager attempted to stop him but Joshua punched him in the face.

Joshua walked outside and threw a gas nozzle to the floor spewing gasoline all over the ground. Joshua then threw a lit cigarette onto the ground in an attempt to set alight the gas station but the cigarette failed to ignite the flammable liquid.

Joshua Crook
Joshua Crook, St Louis Police Department

The St Louis Police arrested Joshua Crook on Monday, the next day, he was charged with first-degree attempted arson, a felony, and three misdemeanors. His bail was set at a cash only sum of $20,000.  

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