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Lottery Thief Is Arrested After Trying Cash In His Wins

A man steals $10,000 worth of lottery tickets, he decides to cash in his wins but the store clerk becomes suspicious

Christopher Sikes
Christopher Sikes, Picture taken by store clerk

Christopher Sikes, 24, has been arrested for allegedly stealing $10,000 worth of lottery tickets on Tuesday, 16th of August, he attempted to cash them in a week later, Tuesday 23rd, and was arrested, after a store clerk coerced him into taking a picture with the stolen lottery ticket.

The initial robbery of the lottery tickets was transgressed at Qwick King Gas Station, in Ocala, Florida. Surveillance footage from the store displayed, Christopher Sikes wearing a mask, armed with a hatchet, breaking the glass of the gas station and entering. He managed to set off the alarm which signaled police to get to the store but by the time they got to the robbery scene, Sikes had gone and managed to steal $10,000 worth of Florida Lottery scratch-off tickets.

A week after the heist, Christopher Sikes is reported to have tried to cash in his $1,000 stolen winning ticket at a convenience store in Leesburg, Florida. The store clerk attempted to scan the ticket but the ticket was declined and the clerk told Sikes that the ticket may be stolen. Christopher sikes tried to leave the store but the cashier stopped him and insisted that he should take a picture with the lottery ticket or the store clerk will be forced to call the police. Christopher Sikes obliged.

Christopher Sikes
Christopher Sikes, Marion County Jail

The clerk posted his picture on  Marion County Sheriff's Office Facebook page where he was identified and arrested just a few hours later. he was charged with Burglary, Grand Theft and Dealing in Stolen Property.

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