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Polite Man Robs Gas Station

A polite Nebraskan man requests Newport's and cash from a gas station worker before escaping on foot

On Sunday, 21st August a man entered the gas station, Buck's Phillips 66 at South 45th street, in Nebraska, Omaha and politely greeted the employee before requesting some Newports and cash.

Bucks Phillips 66
Bucks Phillips 66, Google Street View

The masked suspect entered the store armed with a handgun at approximately 1:45am. He is heard from the microphone in the camera calling over the store employee,  "Hello, Hello.... I'm Here To Rob You...".

The robber continues to tell the store clerk that he doesn't want any trouble and repeatedly says "Sorry" to the stunned store worker.

The lady begins to empty the cash register as the assailant requests some Newport cigarettes to be included in his heist.

Armed Bucks Polite Robber
Polite Robber, Omaha Police Department

As he grabs his loot he can be heard repeating the phrase "Sorry ma'am, sorry ma'am, God bless you". He then tells the store employee to wait 2 minutes before calling 911 as he escapes the scene on foot.

The Omaha Police Department released the footage to the public and are requesting any further information from witnesses in helping to find the masked polite robber.

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